Removing a ZooKeeper Role

The following steps describe how to remove the ZooKeeper role from a node:
  1. Issue the following command to stop ZooKeeper on the node:
    % service mapr-zookeeper stop
  2. Purge the ZooKeeper package mapr-zookeeper.
  3. Run
    Use the -Z option and provide the list of ZooKeeper nodes that excludes the node where you removed the role.
  4. Perform a rolling restart of ZooKeeper on all other ZooKeeper nodes.
    A rolling restart of ZooKeeper means restart ZooKeeper on each node, one at a time, pausing until the last restart finishes before beginning the next. Restart the ZooKeeper leader last.
  5. Issue the following command to verify that ZooKeeper is healthy and that the expected nodes adopted the ZooKeeper node:
    % service mapr-zookeeper qstatus
  6. Perform a rolling restart of Warden on all other nodes.
    Warden picks up the revised quorum.