Converting a MapR Cluster from Root to Non-Root User from the Command-Line

  1. Create a user with the same UID/GID across the cluster. Assign that user to the MAPR_USER environment variable.
  2. On each node:
    1. Stop the warden and the ZooKeeper (if present).
      # service mapr-warden stop
      # service mapr-zookeeper stop
    2. Run the script to configure the cluster to start as the non-root user.
      # /opt/mapr/server/ -u <MapR user> [-g <MapR group>]
    3. Start the ZooKeeper (if present) and the warden.
      # service mapr-zookeeper start
      # service mapr-warden start
  3. After the previous step is complete on all nodes in the cluster, run the script on all nodes.
    # /opt/mapr/server/

    This command may take several minutes to return. The script waits ten minutes for the process to complete across the entire cluster. If the cluster-wide operation takes longer than ten minutes, the script fails. Re-run the script on all nodes where the script failed.

    Warning: The MAPR_UID_MISMATCH alarm may raise during this process. The alarm will clear when this process is complete on all nodes.