Step 1. Create a customized configuration file and copy it to a volume

Complete the following steps to create a customized configuration file for host2 through host5 and copy it to the mapr.configuration volume:
  1. Make a copy of the existing default version of the mapred-site.xml file (so you can use it as a template), and store it in /tmp. You can perform this step on any node in the cluster that contains the configuration file.
    cp /opt/mapr/hadoop/hadoop-2.7.0/etc/hadoop/mapred-site.xml /tmp/mapred-site.xml
  2. Edit the copy and put in the changes you want for host2 through host5.
  3. Create the directories required to store the file under /var/mapr/configuration/default.
    hadoop fs -mkdir -p /var/mapr/configuration/default/hadoop/hadoop-2.7.0/etc/hadoop
  4. Store the new configuration file in the /var/mapr/configuration/default directory.
    hadoop fs -put /tmp/mapred-site.xml /var/mapr/configuration/default/hadoop/hadoop-2.7.0/etc/hadoop