Running MapR Services as a Non-Root User

  1. Stop Warden: service mapr-warden stop
    service mapr-warden stop
  2. If ZooKeeper is installed on the node, stop it: service mapr-zookeeper stop
    service mapr-zookeeper stop
  3. If the MAPR_USER does not exist, create the user/group with the same UID and GID.
  4. If the MAPR_USER exists, verify that the uid of MAPR_USER is the same same as the value on the CLDB node.
  5. Run $INSTALL_DIR/server/ -u MAPR_USER
  6. If Zookeeper is installed, start it: service mapr-zookeeper start
    service mapr-zookeeper start
  7. Start Warden: service mapr-warden start
    service mapr-warden start
  8. After clearing NODE_ALARM_MAPRUSER_MISMATCH alarms on all nodes, run $INSTALL_DIR/server/ on all nodes wherever the alarm is raised.