Changing Timeout Values to Resolve MapR Installer Errors

Change timeout values to reduce errors when using the MapR Installer.

Sometimes the MapR Installer can return errors because the maprcli or filesystem commands that it uses time out because of network latency. For example, if logs indicate that the installer could not obtain the nodelist, or a filesystem operation timed out, changing a timeout value can enable the same MapR Installer operation to succeed.

You can change the following timeout parameters to improve the success of MapR Installer operations:
Timeout Description Default Value (minutes)
standard The timeout used for maprcli commands and Hadoop filesystem operations. 2
configure The timeout used for operations. 10

You must specify timeout values as an integer greater than or equal to 0.

To change the standard or configure timeout values:

  1. On the MapR Installer node, navigate to the following directory:
  2. Edit the all file to change one or both timeout values to a number greater than or equal to 0. In this example, the timeouts are set to 7 minutes and 15 minutes respectively:
      standard: 7
      configure: 15
  3. If a MapR Installer error prompted you to change the timeout, retry the operation that failed.