Checking the MapR Core Version

Some maintenance operations require you to know the version of the currently installed MapR operating system (sometimes referred to as "MapR Core"). You can check the MapR Core version easily from within the MCS or MapR Installer user interface or identify the version from your installed packages.

Checking the MapR Core Version Using MCS

MCS displays the MapR Core Version on the Overview page:

To connect to MCS, see Setting Up the MapR Control System.

Checking the MapR Core Version Using the MapR Installer

If you used the MapR Installer to install the cluster, you can view the MapR Core version on the home page:

To set up the MapR Installer, see MapR Installer.

Checking the MapR Core Version Using maprcli

Another way to view the currently installed MapR Core version is to use the maprcli dashboard info command:
# cd /opt/mapr/bin
# maprcli dashboard info -json
        "timeofday":"2020-04-14 09:10:02.331 GMT-0700 AM",

Checking the MapR Core Version Using the Installed Packages

Another way to view the currently installed MapR Core version is to check the versions of the installed mapr-core.x86_64 or mapr-core-internal.x86_64 packages. Use one of the following commands to display the MapR package versions:
On CentOS / Red Hat yum list installed
On SUSE zypper packages --installed-only
On Ubuntu apt list --installed
For example:
# yum list installed
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
Repodata is over 2 weeks old. Install yum-cron? Or run: yum makecache fast
Determining fastest mirrors
 * base:
 * epel:
 * extras:
 * updates:
Installed Packages
mapr-apiserver.noarch                                    @MapR_Core
mapr-asynchbase.noarch                                     @MapR_Ecosystem
mapr-cldb.x86_64                                      @MapR_Core
mapr-collectd.x86_64                                   @MapR_Ecosystem
mapr-core.x86_64                                      @MapR_Core
mapr-core-internal.x86_64                             @MapR_Core
mapr-drill.noarch                                      @MapR_Ecosystem
mapr-drill-internal.noarch                             @MapR_Ecosystem
mapr-fileserver.x86_64                                @MapR_Core
mapr-gateway.x86_64                                   @MapR_Core
mapr-grafana.x86_64                                    @MapR_Ecosystem
mapr-hadoop-core.x86_64                               @MapR_Core
mapr-hbase.noarch                                       @MapR_Ecosystem
mapr-hbase-rest.noarch                                  @MapR_Ecosystem
mapr-hbasethrift.noarch                                 @MapR_Ecosystem
mapr-historyserver.x86_64                             @MapR_Core
mapr-installer.noarch                                   @MapR_Installer
mapr-installer-definitions.noarch                       @MapR_Installer
mapr-kafka.noarch                                          @MapR_Ecosystem
mapr-libhbase.x86_64                                    @MapR_Ecosystem
mapr-librdkafka.noarch                                    @MapR_Ecosystem
mapr-mapreduce2.x86_64                                @MapR_Core
mapr-mastgateway.x86_64                               @MapR_Core
mapr-nodemanager.x86_64                               @MapR_Core
mapr-opentsdb.noarch                                       @MapR_Ecosystem
mapr-resourcemanager.x86_64                           @MapR_Core
mapr-spark.noarch                                        @MapR_Ecosystem
mapr-spark-historyserver.noarch                          @MapR_Ecosystem
mapr-spark-thriftserver.noarch                           @MapR_Ecosystem
mapr-webserver.noarch                                    @MapR_Core
mapr-zk-internal.x86_64                               @MapR_Core
mapr-zookeeper.x86_64                                 @MapR_Core