Configuring Nodes without Security

Describes how to configure all nodes without security during installation without the MapR Installer.

Note: This step does not configure your cluster for enhanced security. If you want your cluster to be secure, do not perform this step. Go to Enabling Security.
Run the script with the following options on all nodes in the cluster:
/opt/mapr/server/ -Z <Zookeeper_node_list> -C <CLDB_node_list> [-RM <host>] [-HS <host>] [-L <logfile>] [-N <cluster name>] [-F <disk list>]
  • Both <Zookeeper_node_list> and <CLDB_node_list> have the form hostname[:port_no][,hostname[:port_no]...].
  • For the hostname, specify a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) as described in Connectivity. Do not specify an alias or IP address.
  • -N <cluster_name> can be specified if the cluster is not yet named.