Installing the File Migration Service on the Edge Cluster

To install the package on CentOS, run the following command:
yum install mapr-filemigrate
Note: The File Migration service is only supported on CentOS. There are no packages for debian based OS.

Since the File Migration service provides for high availability, you can install it on as many nodes as you wish. Warden will ensure that it is always active on exactly one node.

After installation, a sample properties file,, with default values can be found in /opt/mapr/filemigrate/filemigrate-1.0.0/conf directory. If you choose to edit the properties file manually to configure the service, follow the steps for Configuring the File Migration Service Using the Properties File. If you use the UI to configure the service, it will automatically create the necessary file in maprfs:///var/mapr/filemigrate directory. For more information, see Configuring File Migration Service Using the UI.