Installing Metering Using Manual Steps

This section describes how to install Metering by using manual steps.

For MapR 6.1 and later releases, no special steps are needed to install Metering. Following the manual installation steps in Installing without the MapR Installer installs Metering. Note these considerations:
  • Metering is included in the mapr-apiserver package and is installed when you install or upgrade to MapR 6.1.
  • Metering requires a minimal level of metrics collection to be enabled. You must install collectd and OpenTSDB. See Step 8: Install Metrics Monitoring. Grafana does not need to be installed for metering and is optional for metrics monitoring in general.
  • The manual steps for configuring metrics collection configure collectd to monitor all available node metrics. You can configure collectd to collect only metering metrics (and omit MapR Database table metrics) by using the -EPcollectd -minimal option with For example:
    /opt/mapr/server/ -C nodeA -Z nodeB -EPcollectd -minimal

    To change from the minimal collection configuration back to the full collection configuration, use the ‑EPcollectd -all option with

To use Metering, see Metering.