Selecting a MapR Installer Version to Use

Beginning with the MEP 6.2 release, two MapR Installer versions are available for use. The version that you select depends on your current MapR Core version and whether or not you need to upgrade using the MapR Installer or Stanzas.

Choosing a MapR Installer Version

In general, you should always use the latest available MapR Installer version (version or later). The latest MapR Installer version provides access to the latest MapR Ecosystem Packs (MEPs).

However, MapR Installer and later provide minimal support for MapR 5.2.x and lower versions. If your cluster runs MapR 5.2.x or a lower version of MapR Core, you must use MapR Installer to perform the following operations:
  • New installs
  • Incremental installs
  • Patch installs
  • Maintenance updates
  • Extend-cluster operations

This table describes how to select a MapR Installer version based on your current MapR software and your upgrade plans:

MapR Core Version MapR Installer Version to Use
5.1 Use for all operations, including upgrades to 5.2.x. Note that you must upgrade to MapR 5.2.x with MEP 3.0.1 or later if you eventually want to upgrade to MapR 6.x. After upgrading to 5.2.x, if you need to upgrade to MapR 6.x, update the MapR Installer to or later before upgrading.
5.2.x Use until you need to upgrade to MapR 6.x. To upgrade to MapR 6.x using the MapR Installer, your cluster must have MapR 5.2.x with MEP 3.0.1 or later. Before upgrading, update the MapR Installer to or later.
6.x and later Use MapR Installer 1.12 or later for all operations.

Downloading the MapR Installer

This table summarizes download information for the MapR Installer:
Installer Version Download Location Running always installs . . . .
Latest MapR Installer The most current version of the MapR Installer
MapR Installer MapR Installer