Installing the MapR Client on Windows

This section describes how to install the MapR Client on Windows.

Compatibility with Network Address Translation (NAT) Adapters

In VM environments, the MapR Client on Windows works with a single NAT virtual adapter as long as it is the only virtual adapter configured for the VM. If you want to use more than one adapter, you must use other types of virtual adapters. If you use multiple NAT adapters in your VM environment, your jobs and file-system operations will fail.

  1. Make sure Java is installed on the computer and that the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set correctly.
    Note: The path that you set for the JAVA_HOME environment variable must not include spaces.
  2. Create the directory \opt\mapr on your c: drive (or another hard drive of your choosing). You can use Windows Explorer, or type the following at the command prompt: mkdir c:\opt\mapr
  3. Set the MAPR_HOME environment variable to c:\opt\mapr
  4. Open the command line.
  5. Use the following command to navigate to MAPR_HOME: cd %MAPR_HOME%
  6. Download the file for the version that you want to install into MAPR_HOME:<version>/windows/<package name>
  7. Extract the archive by right-clicking on the file and selecting Extract All...
  8. From the command line, run configure.bat to configure the client. In the following examples, the -N parameter specifies the cluster name, the -c (lowercase) parameter specifies a client configuration, the -secure parameter is added if the cluster is secure, the -C (uppercase) parameter specifies the CLDB nodes, and the -HS parameter specifies the HistoryServer node. To ensure that the client can connect in the event of a CLDB node failure, all CLDB nodes are specified. For more information about the syntax, parameters, and behavior of, see
    For details about the syntax, parameters, and behavior of configure.bat, see
    Non-secure cluster example
    server\configure.bat -N -c -C mynode01:7222,mynode02:7222,mynode03:7222 -HS nodeA
    Secure cluster example
    server\configure.bat -N -c -secure -C mynode01:7222,mynode02:7222,mynode03:7222
  9. To use this client with a secure cluster or clusters, copy the ssl_truststore file from the /opt/mapr/conf directory on the cluster to the c:\opt\mapr\conf directory on the client.
    If this client will connect to multiple clusters, you must merge the ssl_truststore files on the server by using the /opt/mapr/server/ tool, and then copy the merged file to c:\opt\mapr\conf on the client. For an example of merging the ssl_truststore files, see step 3 in Configuring Secure Clusters for Running Commands Remotely.

    See Managing Secure Clusters for details on how to connect to a secure cluster.

For information about running Hadoop commands on Windows, see Running Hadoop Commands on a Mac and Windows Client.