Starting Zookeeper and Warden

Starting ZooKeeper and Warden brings up the cluster.

Depending on the options that you specified when running, Zookeeper and Warden might already be started.
Note: For a DARE-enabled cluster, you can skip this step because you already started the cluster in order to configure disk storage.
To check that Zookeeper is started, use this command (Zookeeper nodes only):
service mapr-zookeeper status
To check that Warden is started:
service mapr-warden status
To start the cluster if Zookeeper and Warden are not started:
  1. Start ZooKeeper on all nodes where it is installed, by issuing the following command:
    service mapr-zookeeper start
  2. Start Warden on all nodes:
    service mapr-warden start