Using a Local Path with rpm or deb Package Files

This section describes how to make packages available through a local path.

You can download package files, store them locally, and then install MapR from the files. This option is useful for clusters that are not connected to the internet.
Warning: This method requires that you pre-install the MapR package dependencies on each node in order for MapR installation to succeed.

See Packages and Dependencies for MapR Software for a list of the dependency packages required for the MapR services that you are installing. Manually download the packages and install them.

To install MapR from downloaded package files, complete the following steps:

  1. Using a machine connected to the internet, download the tarball for the MapR components and the Hadoop ecosystem components, substituting the appropriate <platform>, <version>, and <datestamp>:
  2. Extract the tarball to a local directory, either on each node or on a local network accessible by all nodes.
    tar -xvzf mapr-<version>GA.rpm.tgz
    tar -xvzf mapr-mep-<version>-<datestamp>.rpm.tgz