About the MapR Reference Templates for AWS

The MapR reference templates for AWS are sample CloudFormation templates that you can use to set up a MapR cluster. You can use the templates without modification, or you can customize them to suit your environment. Be sure to review the following information before using the reference templates. For more information about CloudFormation, see AWS CloudFormation.

The reference templates can be found on GitHub in folders organized by the MapR Installer version. To determine your MapR Installer version, see Checking the MapR Installer Version.

This table describes the AWS reference templates:

Template Type Template File Name Function
Primary Template aws_cf_maprcluster_with_role.yml Creates a MapR cluster along with all the privileges and roles required by the MapR Installer. Use this template if you are privileged to create roles and policies in AWS.
Primary Template aws_cf_maprcluster.yml Creates a MapR cluster. This template requires the IAM role to be provided as an input. If you do not have the permission to create roles and privileges, ask your administrator to create the role for them. The aws_cf_maprcluster_role.yml template can be used for this purpose.
Primary Template aws_cf_maprcluster_ami.yml Creates a MapR cluster. For this template, you must provide an AMI ID and ssh user with SUDO privilege as inputs. The AMI can be any CentOS, Ubuntu, or SUSE image on which the mapr-setup.sh image prep has not been run. The root disk (where /opt/mapr will be installed) must have a minimum of 128 GB, and swap space must be at least 10% of memory or less than 2 GB. Note that the CentOS, Ubuntu, or SUSE version must be a version that is supported by MapR 5.2.2.
Primary Template aws_cf_maprcluster_with_cred.yml Creates a MapR Cluster. This template requires an AWS access key and an AWS secret key to be provided as an input. If you do not know the access key and secret key, contact your AWS administrator to obtain them.
Utility Template* aws_cf_maprcluster_role.yml Creates a role with the privileges necessary for the MapR Installer to create, modify, and release AWS instances. Once the role is created, you can pass the role name into the aws_cf_maprcluster.yml template.
Utility Template* aws_cf_maprcluster_nodes.yml Creates the launch configuration and auto-scaling group. If you are doing a custom deployment, you can customize this template to your needs.
Utility Template* aws_cf_vpc_openvpn.yml Deploys a VPC capable of supporting a MapR cluster. It can also, optionally, set up an OpenVPN Access Server. The OpenVPN Access Server supports two client connections for testing purposes. You can buy licenses for the Access Server from the OpenVPN website. Once the VPC is created, you can pass the subnet ID into any of the deployment templates.
Utility Template* aws_cf_maprcluster_vpc.yml Unused.
Utility Template* aws_cf_maprcluster_dsr.yml Unused
Sample Stanza Input File mapr-core.yml Provided as a convenience for users who need a script-based tool to install MapR software. See MapR Installer Stanzas.

*Utility templates support the primary templates. You can modify them to suit your needs. Updated utility templates must be uploaded to s3 and referenced in your customized primary templates. The primary templates contain fully-qualified references to the utility templates.