Azure Deployment Troubleshooting

If Azure reports a problem during deployment, follow these steps to determine where the problem occurred. Typically, the problem is either an Azure resource issue or a MapR installation issue.

  1. Use these steps to learn more about the issue that needs troubleshooting:
    1. Log in to the Azure portal.
    2. In the left navigation pane, select Resource groups.
    3. Find the resource group to which the MapR installation was deployed.
    4. Click Deployments.
    5. Find the deployment that had a failure. Typically, an error on the Microsoft.Template will not be relevant, and there should be at least two deployments with a failure.
    6. If the error does not report an issue with mapr-installer, the issue is not MapR-related, and the error reported should indicate the Azure issue that caused the problem.
  2. If the issue appears to be MapR-related:
    1. Use ssh to connect to the MapR installer node.
      Note: The MapR Installer is always created on the virtual machine that ends in the number 0. For example, certtest1-cluster-com-mapr-vm0 would have the running installer, while certtest1-cluster-com-mapr-vm3 (or any other number) would not.
    2. As root, go to /var/lib/waagent/custom-script/download/0/.
    3. Inspect the stdout and stderr files. These files contain the messages output from running the scripts that install the MapR software using Stanzas.
    4. If the problem cannot be identified, check the MapR Installer logs at /opt/mapr/installer/logs. For more information, see Logs for the MapR Installer.