Customizing Your Deployment by Using the MapR Installer Web Interface

If you use a MapR offering or reference template, the cluster is installed for you according to the parameters you specified. Another way to customize the resources and services provisioned to a MapR cluster on AWS or Azure is to create a stack or resource group with only the MapR Installer. Once the stack or resource group is created, you can use the MapR Installer web interface to finish configuring the cluster.

This procedure is the same for AWS and Azure:

  1. Choose one of these procedures to create an AWS stack or an Azure resource group:
  2. When you run the template, fill in the MapR template values as described in one of previous topics:
    Important: In the provisioningTemplate field (AWS) or Service Template field (Azure), select Custom-Configuration for the Auto-Provisioning Templates. Selecting Custom-Configuration instructs the template to install only the MapR Installer and related software so that you can finish the cluster installation on your own.
  3. After stack creation (AWS) or resource group creation (Azure), log on to the MapR Installer, and use the web interface and on-screen user assistance to configure the resources and services you need in the cluster.
    Note: For cloud-based installations, the MapR Installer displays Authentication screens with cloud-specific parameters that are different from the Authentication screens for on-premise clusters. Use the tooltips on these screens to understand the authentication information that you need to provide for your cluster.