Installing NFS Using the MapR Installer

Using the web-based MapR Installer, you can install version 3 or version 4 of the Network File System (NFS) on the cluster.

You can install NFS during a new or incremental installation of Release 6.1 or later. The Enable MapR NFS option appears on the Version & Services page of the MapR Installer.

Note these considerations for installing NFS using the MapR Installer:
  • Previous versions of the MapR Installer installed NFS (version 3) by default. MapR Installer 1.10 and later do NOT install NSF by default. You must select the Enable MapR NFS option to instruct the installer to install NFS. When you select the Enable MapR NFS option, the NFS Version option appears. NFSv3 is always selected by default. NFSv4 is available as an option for MapR 6.1.0 or later releases.
    CAUTION: The MapR Installer installs but does not secure NFS. Neither NSFv3 nor NSFv4 provides security by default. You can configure NFSv4 server to work with Active Directory and Kerberos servers, but you must first install Active Directory and Kerberos servers. For more information, see Configuring NFSv4 Server for Kerberos. NFSv3 does not support security.
  • With the MapR 1.10 installer, if you specify a pre-6.1.0 release, you must select the Enable MapR NFS option to install NFS. Selecting the option causes the installer to install NSFv3 by default. The NFS Version option is not available for pre-6.1.0 releases.
  • When upgrading to Release 6.1 or later, the MapR Installer keeps the NFS version at version 3. After a new installation of Release 6.1 in which you specified NFSv3, or an upgrade to Release 6.1 using the MapR Installer, you can switch to NFSv4 by using the Incremental Install function of the installer.
  • The software supports mixed-mode NFS configurations in which some nodes of a cluster use NFSv3 and other nodes use NFSv4, but mixed-mode configurations cannot be installed using theMapR Installer. The MapR Installer installs all nodes as NFSv3 or all nodes as NFSv4.
  • NFSv3 and NFSv4 cannot be used on the same node concurrently.
  • A new installation using a MapR Installer Stanza installs NFS only if you set enable_NFS: true in the config section of the stanza.

To install NFS manually, see Installing MapR NFS. To learn more about managing and using NFS, see Managing MapR NFS.