What Happens During Azure Deployment

The primary reference template for Azure (mainTemplate.json) is a starting point for all the child templates that create Azure resources. When the primary template is deployed, some resources are created in parallel. Here is what happens in a typical deployment:

  1. The primary template is deployed.
  2. If the option to create a new network was selected, the MapR.Network.Template is deployed.
  3. MapR.Network.Template creates the virtual network and subnet(s).
  4. MapR.VM.Template and, optionally, the MapR.OpenVPN.Template are started in parallel.
  5. MapR.VM.Template creates all the resources needed to install and run MapR software. The number of resources varies depending on the Node Count you selected. This process creates:
    • Virtual machines
    • Network interfaces
    • Managed disks

    After these resources are completely created, the MapR installation starts via Stanza.

  6. MapR.OpenVPN.Template creates one virtual machine, network interface, and managed disk. This Ubuntu machine has the OpenVPN server installed via script after these resources are completely created.