Data Generator Program

This simple test program generates data and sends repeated puts for the metric over a socket connection.

import java.util.Date;
import java.util.Random;

public class TestOpenTsdbAPI {
   public static Random random = new Random();
   public static long timeStamp = new Date().getTime()/1000; //in secs
   public static void testTSDBConnection() throws Exception {
       Socket sock = null;
       PrintWriter pw = null;
       String hostname = "";
       int port = 4242;
       int count=1;
       while(true) {
           if(null==sock) {
               sock = new Socket(hostname, port);
               pw = new PrintWriter(sock.getOutputStream(), true);
           pw.println(dataGen(0, 0, count));
           pw.println(dataGen(0, 1, count));
           pw.println(dataGen(1, 0, count));
           pw.println(dataGen(1, 1, count));
           if(++count==Integer.MAX_VALUE) break;
   public static void main(String [] args) {
       try {
       } catch(Exception ex) {

   public static String dataGen(int web, int cpu, int count) {
       int Low = 1;
       int High = 99;
       int val = random.nextInt(High-Low) + Low;
       long timeStamp1 = new Date().getTime()/1000;
       String dat = "put sys.cpu.user "+(timeStamp1)+" "+val+" host=webserver"+ web +" cpu="+cpu;//(timeStamp+count)
       return dat;
For example, this program tries to put metrics for 2 hosts (webserver 0 and webserver 1). Each host has 2 CPUs (cpu 0 and cpu 1). Sample puts look like this:
put sys.cpu.user 1415300810 87 host=webserver0 cpu=0
put sys.cpu.user 1415300810 66 host=webserver0 cpu=1
put sys.cpu.user 1415300810 18 host=webserver1 cpu=0
put sys.cpu.user 1415300810 26 host=webserver1 cpu=1
put <metric> <timestamp> <value> <tag1>=<> <tag2>=<>
When you run the program, you should see entries that indicate that the tags for the metric were created, and they should auto-complete on the UI.
UniqueId: Creating an ID for kind='tagv' name='webserver0'

You can also verify this from command line instead of the UI:

<OpenTSDB-Root>/build/tsdb query 1y-ago sum sys.cpu.user