Deleting a Snapshot of a Dynamically Provisioned Volume

You can delete snapshots you created using MapR Container Storage Interface (CSI) Storage Plugin. To delete:

  1. Run the following command:
    kubectl delete -f <volume snapshot>.yaml
    For example:
    # kubectl delete -f test-snapshot1.yaml "test-snapshot1" deleted
  2. Log in to the MapR cluster and verify that the snapshot was deleted by running the volume snapshot list command.
    For example:
    # maprcli volume snapshot list -path /csisc/csisc-securesc-txiqvsdxwu -cluster clusterA -json
    	"timeofday":"2019-01-24 01:30:17.772 GMT-0800 PM",
    			"creationtime":"Thu Jan 24 13:16:22 PST 2019",