Adding a License

You can add a license through the MapR Control System and using the CLI.

Adding a License Using the MapR Control System

Complete the following steps to add a license using the MapR Control System:
  1. On a machine that is connected to the cluster and to the Internet, perform the following steps to open the MapR Control System:
    1. In a browser, view the MapR Control System by navigating to the node that is running the MapR Control System: https:/<webserver>/:8443.
      Your computer won't have an HTTPS certificate yet, so the browser will warn you that the connection is not trustworthy. You can ignore the warning this time.
    2. Log in to the MapR Control System as the administrative user you designated earlier.
      Until a license is applied, the MapR Control System dashboard might show some nodes in the amber "degraded" state. Don't worry if not all nodes are green and "healthy" at this stage.
  2. In the MapR Control System, go to Admin > Cluster Settings > Licenses.
  3. Add a license using the following options:
    Import License Allows you to import a license from the server. You must enter your credentials in the Import License window to retrieve your license information.
    Upload License Allows you to upload your license file via browser.
    Cut/Paste License Allows you to copy and paste license key in the Copy and Paste License window.
    Get a Free Trial License Navigates to the MapR licensing form online to get a trial license.
  4. Click Submit.
    If the cluster is already registered, the license is applied automatically. Otherwise, go to and follow the instructions there to register the cluster.

Adding a License Using the CLI or the REST API

To add a license from the CLI:
  1. Obtain a valid license file from MapR.
  2. Copy the license file to a cluster node.
  3. Run the following command to add the license:
    maprcli license add [ -cluster <name> ] -license <filename> -is_file true

    See license add for complete reference information.