Retrieving Status of Storage Pools

You can use the maprcli dump balancerinfo command to view detailed information about the storage pools on a cluster.

# maprcli dump balancerinfo
usedMB  fsid                 spid                              percentage  outTransitMB  inTransitMB  capacityMB
209     5567847133641152120  01f8625ba1d15db7004e52b9570a8ff3  1           0             0            15200
209     1009596296559861611  816709672a690c96004e52b95f09b58d  1           0             0            15200
If there are any active container moves when you run the command, maprcli dump balancerinfo returns information about the source and destination storage pools:
# maprcli dump balancerinfo -json
        "From fsid":8081858704500413174,
        "From IP:Port":"",
        "From SP":"9e649bf0ac6fb9f7004fa19d200abcde",
        "To fsid":3770844641152008527,
        "To IP:Port":"",
        "To SP":"fefcc342475f0286004fad963f0fghij"