Viewing the List of Alarms

You can view all the alarms in MCS and using the CLI.

Viewing the List of Alarms in the MapR Control System

  1. Log in to MCS and click Admin > Cluster Settings > Alarms.
    The ALL ALARMS pane displays all the alarms on the cluster.
  2. Select:
    • Cluster Alarms — indicate problems that affect the cluster as a whole
    • Node Alarms — indicate problems on individual nodes
    • Table Alarms — indicate table replication-related problems
    • User/Group Alarms — indicate problems with user or group quotas
    • Volume Alarms — indicate problems in individual volumes
    For the selected view, the pane displays the following for each alarm:
    Column Name Column Description
    Alarm Name The name of the alarm.
    Severity The user-defined severity for the alarm.
    Description Description of the alarm.
    Info Information on the alarm including alarm name, description, and recommended action to address the alarm.
    You can click the alarm name to configure alarm settings.

Retrieving the List of Alarms Using the CLI or REST API

The basic command to list all alarms by type (Cluster, Node, User, or Volume) is:

maprcli alarm list -type (cluster|node|volume|AE) 

For complete reference information, see alarm list.