Viewing the Licenses on the Cluster

You can view the list of licenses on the cluster using MCS and the CLI.

Viewing the Licenses Using MCS

To view licenses:
  1. Log in to MapR Control System.
  2. Click Admin > Cluster Settings > Licenses.
    Under LICENSES, the pane displays the list of licenses on the cluster including the following for each license:
    Column Name Column Description
    Active Indicates whether () the license is active.
    Name The name of the license.
    Module/Type The type of license.
    Issued The date the license was issued.
    Expires The license expiration date.
    Nodes The number of nodes to which the license applies.
    Delete The option to delete the license.
    You can:

Viewing the Licenses Using the CLI or REST API

The basic command to get a list of licenses on the cluster is:

maprcli license list -cluster <cluster>

For complete reference information, see license list.