Removing Stream Replicas

You can un-register one or more replicas using MCS and the CLI.

Removing Stream Replicas Using the MapR Control System

To un-register one or more stream replicas from MCS:
  1. Log in to MCS and go to the Replication tab in the stream information page.
  2. Select the replicas to remove in the Replicas pane.
    Selecting the checkbox next to a replica makes the Actions dropdown menu available.
  3. Select Remove Replica(s) from the Actions dropdown menu.
    The Remove Replica(s) confirmation window displays.
  4. Verify the list of replicas to remove and click Remove Replica.
    This action un-registers the stream as the replica of the source stream.

Removing a Stream Replica Using the CLI or REST API

The command to remove a replica is:

stream replica remove -path <stream path> -replica <remote stream path>

For complete reference information, see stream replica remove.