Viewing a List of Streams

You can view the list of streams using MCS and the CLI.

Listing Streams in a Volume

  1. Log in to MCS and click Data > Streams to view all the volumes that you have access to.
    For each volume, the pane displays the following:
    Column Name Column Description
    Name The name of the volume.
    Type The type. Value can be:
    • — Volume
    • — Directory
    • — Stream
    Owner The name of the owner.
    Last Modified The last modification date and timestamp.
  2. Click the name of the volume (to browse to the path to the stream) or enter the name of the volume in the text field.
    The streams in the selected volume display. If necessary, click to return to All volumes view.

Listing Streams by Stream Path

  1. Log in to MCS and click Data > Streams.
  2. Enter the path to the stream in the search field and click GO.