Listing all Upstream Sources for a Table

You can retrieve and view the list of upstream sources for a table in MCS and using the CLI.

Viewing Upstream Sources Using MCS

To view the list of upstream sources:
Log in to MCS and go to the Replication tab in the table information page.
The list of upstream sources for the table displays in the Upstream Source pane. For each upstream source, the pane displays the following:
Column Name Column Description
IDX The index number of the replica table.
Upstream Source Cluster The cluster on which the upstream table resides.
Upstream Source Path The path to the upstream source table.
UUID The replica table's universally unique identifier.
Selecting the checkbox beside an upstream source makes the Remove Upstream Source(s) button available. You can:
  • Add an upstream source table
  • Remove an upstream source table

Retrieving Upstream Sources Using the CLI or the REST API

The basic command to retrieving the list of upstream sources for a table is:

maprcli table upstream list -path <table path>

See table upstream list for complete reference information.