Changing or Setting Mount Information for a Volume

You can set or change volume mount settings using MCS, the CLI (volume create or volume mount), or the REST commands. To mount or unmount volumes under a directory, the user must have read/write permissions on the directory.

Changing or Setting Mount Information for a Volume Using the MapR Control System

  1. Log in to the MCS and go to the volume information page.
  2. Select Change Mount Information from the Select Action dropdown menu.
    The Change Mount Information dialog displays.
  3. Make the necessary changes.
    1. Specify whether (Yes) or not (No) to mount the volume.
    2. Enter the path in the Mount Path field.
      The path must be relative to / and cannot be in the form of a global namespace path (for example, /mapr/<cluster-name>/).
  4. Click Save Changes for the changes to take effect.
Note: After changing the mount point, run maprcli volume fixmountpath command to notify CLDB of the change in the volume mount path.

Changing or Setting Mount Information Using the CLI or REST API

The basic command to mount the volume is:

maprcli volume mount -name <volume name> -path <mount path>

For complete reference information including all available options, see volume mount.