Removing one or more Schedules

You can remove schedules not associated with any volumes using MCS or the CLI. A schedule can only be removed if it is not associated with any volumes.

Removing one or more Schedules Using the MapR Control System

To remove one or more schedules, in the Schedules tab under Data > Volumes:

  1. Select the schedule(s) to remove from the list of schedules.
  2. Click Remove Schedule to display the Remove Schedule confirmation dialog.
  3. Verify the list of schedules to remove click Remove Schedule to remove the schedules.
    When you remove a schedule, the schedule is removed from the system and cannot be restored.

Removing one or more Schedules Using the CLI or the REST API

The basic command to remove a schedule by ID is:

maprcli schedule remove -id <schedule ID>

For complete reference information, see schedule remove.