Viewing the List of Schedules

You can view all the schedules using MCS and the CLI.

Viewing the List of Schedules Using the MapR Control System

To view all the schedules:

Log in to MCS and go to the Schedules tab under Data > Volumes.
The page displays all the schedules. For each schedule, the page displays the following:
Column Name Column Description
Schedule Name The name of the schedule.
ID The schedule ID.
In Use Checkmark () indicates the schedule is currently being used.
Detail The schedule details such as the recurring points in time when the associated actions occur and how long the data is preserved.
Selecting the checkbox associated with a schedule makes the Remove Schedule button available. You can:
  • Create a new schedule by clicking Create Schedule
  • Remove a schedule by selecting the checkbox beside the schedule (to remove) and then by clicking Remove Schedule
  • Edit a schedule by clicking the schedule name

Retrieving the List of Schedules Using the CLI or REST API

The basic command to retrieve a list of schedules is:

maprcli schedule list

For complete reference information, see schedule list.