Viewing Volume Information

You can retrieve and view volume information using MCS and the CLI.

  1. Log in to MCS and go to the Summary tab in the Data > Volumes page.
  2. Click the volume name in the Volumes pane.
    The volume information page displays. On this page, you can edit the volume by clicking Edit Volume. In addition, for:
    Standard Volume
    Click the Select Action dropdown menu to:
    • Remove the volume
    • Change the mount path and mount or unmount the volume
    • Convert the volume to a mirror volume
    • Rename the volume
    Mirror Volume
    Click the Select Action dropdown menu to:
    The page displays tabs for viewing:
    • Summary of the volume including:
      • All recent and active volume alarms
      • Metrics (such as disk usage) for the volume
      • Volume details such as the general, auditing, and tiering settings for the volume, ACLs and ACEs on the volume, and volume quotas and schedules
    • Snapshots associated with the volume