Viewing Per Node Metrics for Table Activities

You can view per node metrics for table activities using the MapR Control System and Grafana. This section describes how to view the metrics as charts and lists in the MapR Control System. For information on visualizing the metrics in the Grafana UI, see Metric Visualization

Note: The metrics collection infrastructure must be installed to visualize the metrics in the various panes. If the metrics collection infrastructure is not installed, perform an Incremental Install to visualize the metrics as described below.
  1. Log in to MCS and go the Metrics tab in the node information page.
  2. Select Activity by Tables from the dropdown menu.

    By default, the page displays charts that show metrics for the last 24 hours. You can select a preset or specify a custom time range.

    You can also zoom in (by clicking and dragging the cursor in the pane) for a more granular view. Click Zoom Out to expand time window or click:
    • to shift time window forwards.
    • to shift time window backwards.

    The charts show metrics for the node across tables. Click associated with the chart to view information about the graph. Click to display the Customize Active Charts window, where you can select charts to display and remove from the Available and Selected lists. You can view up to 6 charts at a time in the page.

    You can switch to the list view by clicking . In the list view, you can:

    • Click the table name to go to the metrics page for the table.
    • Select one or more tables and switch to charts view (by clicking ) to visualize metrics for the selected tables only.

    For the complete list of metrics that you can view at both the node and table levels, see Viewing Table Metrics in the MapR Control System.