Mounting NFS on a Linux Client

You can manually mount NFS on a Linux client when your system starts up.

Note: On nodes running CentOS, use the VIP for mounting because, by default, the mount command will use the physical IP of the node.
  1. List the NFS shares exported on the server.

    For example, run the following command:

    /opt/mapr/server/nfs4mgr list-exports

    If the protocol is not v4 only, the showmount command can be used to retrieve the list of exported NFS shares. For example:

    showmount -e usa-node01
  2. Mount the cluster via NFS.
    For example:
    mount -t nfs4 -o sec=krb5 usa-node01:/<psuedo_mapr> /mapr
Note: When you mount manually from the command line, the mount point does not persist after a reboot.