Viewing the List of Virtual IPs

You can view the list of VIPs using MCS and the CLI.

Viewing the List of VIPs Using the MapR Control System

Log in to MCS and go to the service information page for NFS.
The page displays the following:
Column Name Column Description
VIP Range The Virtual IP range.
Virtual IP The VIP (in the range) of the associated node.
Node Name The host name of the node.
Physical IP The physical IP of the associated node.
MAC Address The MAC address of the network interface that is assigned to the associated VIP.

You can add and remove VIPs.

Retrieving the List of VIPs Using the CLI and REST API

The basic command to retrieve a list of VIPs is:
maprcli virtualip list
Send a request of type GET. For example:
curl -k -X GET 'https://<host>:8443/rest/virtualip/list' --user mapr:mapr

For complete reference, see virtualip list.