MapR Database JSON Application Requirements

The following tables include the minimal node requirements for building and running MapR Database JSON table applications.

Node Requirements Method(s) to Meet Requirement
A connection to the MapR cluster.
Select one of the following options:
  • Install and configure the MapR client.
  • Install the PACC and run an application container.
  • Use the MapR Filesystem JAR to connect to the cluster.

For more information, see Connect to the Cluster.

The OJAI Query Service is installed To use secondary indexes, you may need to enable this service. See Preparing Clusters for Querying using Secondary Indexes on JSON Tables for more information.
MapR Database libraries are configured as a dependency. When you build an application, use the Maven Repository to determine the dependencies. The POM file should include the MapR Repository and the MapR OJAI Driver project.

When you run the application, provide the dependencies in the application's classpath.

For more information, see Compiling and Running Java OJAI Applications

Other items to consider.

If an ecosystem component, such as Spark, runs or integrates with the application, you may need to include additional dependencies in the POM file.

For example, to use the MapR Database OJAI Connector for Apache Spark, see Configuring the MapR Database OJAI Connector for Apache Spark