Table of Pig 0.16.0-1901 Maven Artifacts

This table provides you with the group ID, artifact ID, version, and name of the Pig 0.16.0 Maven artifacts published by MapR.

Group ID Artifact ID Version Artifact
org.apache.pig pig 0.16.0-mapr-1901 pig-0.16.0-mapr-1901-h2.jar


org.apache.pig piggybank 0.16.0-mapr-1901 piggybank-0.16.0-mapr-1901.jar
org.apache.pig pigsmoke 0.16.0-mapr-1901 pigsmoke-0.16.0-mapr-1901.jar
org.apache.pig pigunit 0.16.0-mapr-1901 pigunit-0.16.0-mapr-1901.jar