Pig 0.15 Maven Artifacts for MEP 1.1.x

You can use Maven for dependency management when developing applications based on the MapR Converged Data Platform.

The MapR Maven repository is located at http://repository.mapr.com/maven. You can also browse the repository through Nexus.

The following POM file enables access to the MapR Maven repository:

   <repository> <id>mapr-releases</id>

This table lists the group ID, artifact ID, version, and name for Pig 0.15 Maven artifacts published by MapR.

Group ID

Artifact ID



org.apache.pig pig 0.15.0-mapr-1611 pig-0.15.0-mapr-1611-h2.jar pig-0.15.0-mapr-1611.jar
org.apache.pig piggybank 0.15.0-mapr-1611 piggybank-0.15.0-mapr-1611.jar
org.apache.pig pigsmoke 0.15.0-mapr-1611 pigsmoke-0.15.0-mapr-1611.jar
org.apache.pig pigunit 0.15.0-mapr-1611 pigunit-0.15.0-mapr-1611.jar