YARN Application Requirements

The following tables include the minimal node requirements for building and running YARN applications.

Node Requirement Method(s) to Meet Requirement
A connection to the MapR cluster.
Select one of the following options:
  • Install and configure the MapR client.
  • Install the PACC and run an application container.

For more information, see Connect to the Cluster.

Hadoop libraries are configured as an application dependency.

When you compile the application, use the Maven Repository to determine the dependencies. The POM file should include the MapR Repository and the hadoop-common dependency:

   <repository> <id>mapr-releases</id>   <url>http://repository.mapr.com/maven/</url>  <snapshots><enabled>false</enabled></snapshots>      <releases><enabled>true</enabled></releases>


When you run the application, include the following in the application’s classpath: `hadoop classpath`

Note: Based on how you submit the application, the classpath locations and requirements differ. See External Applications and Classpath and Classpath Construction.

Other Items
  • If an ecosystem component, such as Spark, runs or integrates with the application, you may need to include additional dependencies in the POM file.
  • Any third-party library that is required by a MapReduce program must be accessible to this node and the data node that processes the job or application. For more information, see Managing Third-Party Libraries.