Defining Multiple Drill Clusters within YARN

Complete the following steps to define multiple Drill clusters under YARN:

  1. Create a new "site" directory under $DRILL_HOME, and create an environment variable for the directory.
    mkdir $DRILL_HOME/<site_name>
    export $<SITE_NAME>_SITE=$DRILL_HOME/<site_name>
  2. Copy the following configuration files from the existing “site” directory into the new “site” directory:
    • drill-override.conf
    • drill-on-yarn.conf
  3. Modify the settings in the drill.exec section of $DRILL_SITE/drill-override.conf to configure the new Drill cluster to act independently of the other Drill cluster(s), or share settings, such as storage plugin configurations. For the new Drill cluster to act independently, give zk.root a distinct name from the existing clusters. In the more advanced scenario where the clusters share configurations, give zk.root the same name as the existing Drill clusters. When the clusters share the same root, they must have distinct cluster-id values. The user, bit, and http ports must have values distinct from all the other Drill clusters.
    The following example shows a number 1 added to the first digit of the default port numbers, however you can choose any available ports.
    drill.exec: {
     cluster-id: "drillbits",
     zk: {
       root: "<site_name>"
       connect: "zk-host:5181"
     rpc {
       user.server.port: 41010
       bit.server.port: 41011
     http.port: 9047
  4. Modify the drill-on-yarn.conf configuration file for the new cluster. The new cluster must have a distinct name, a distinct upload directory in the file system, and a distinct port number.
    The following settings in the drill.yarn section must have distinct values for the new cluster:
    drill.yarn: {
     app-name: "Distinct Cluster Name"
     dfs: {
       app-dir: "/upload/directory"
     http : {
       port: <distinct port number>
  5. Start the new cluster from the "site" directory that correlates with the new cluster.
    $DRILL_HOME/bin/ --site $NEW_SITE start