Connection URL for Plain Authentication using the Apache JDBC Driver to connect via SQLLine

When Plain authentication is enabled, each user that accesses the Drillbit process through a client, must provide username and password credentials for access.

Connecting to Drill from SQLLine

Include the –n and –p parameters with your username and password when launching SQLLine, as shown in the following example:
sqlline –u jdbc:drill:zk= –n <username> –p <password>

Alternatively, you can launch SQLLine and then issue the !connect command to hide the password.

Complete the following steps to hide the password:
  1. Run the sqlline script, as shown:
    $ /etc/drill/bin/sqlline
  2. At the prompt, enter the !connect command followed by
     jdbc:drill:zk=zk=<zk name>[:<port>][,<zk name2>[:<port>]...]
    , as shown:
    `sqlline> !connect jdbc:drill:zk=localhost:5181 scan complete in 1385m`s
  3. When prompted, enter a username and password; the password is hidden as it is typed, as shown:
    Enter username for jdbc:drill:zk=localhost:5181: yourusername
    Enter password for jdbc:drill:zk=localhost:5181: *************

Connecting to Drill from BI Tools

When you connect to Drill from a BI tool, such as Tableau, the ODBC driver prompts you for the authentication type, username, and password. For PAM, select Basic Authentication in the Authentication Type drop-down menu.