Connection URL for Plain Authentication using the Apache JDBC Driver to connect via SQLLine

When Plain authentication is enabled, each user that accesses the Drillbit process through a client, must provide username and password credentials for access.

Connecting to Drill from SQLLine

Include the -n and -p parameters with your username and password when launching SQLLine, as shown in the following example:
sqlline -u jdbc:drill:zk= -n <username> -p <password>

Alternatively, you can launch SQLLine and then issue the !connect command to hide the password.

Complete the following steps to hide the password:
  1. Run the sqlline script, as shown:
    $ /etc/drill/bin/sqlline
  2. At the prompt, enter the !connect command followed by
     jdbc:drill:zk=zk=<zk name>[:<port>][,<zk name2>[:<port>]...]
    , as shown:
    `sqlline> !connect jdbc:drill:zk=localhost:5181 scan complete in 1385m`s
  3. When prompted, enter a username and password; the password is hidden as it is typed, as shown:
    Enter username for jdbc:drill:zk=localhost:5181: yourusername
    Enter password for jdbc:drill:zk=localhost:5181: *************

Connecting to Drill from BI Tools

When you connect to Drill from a BI tool, such as Tableau, the ODBC driver prompts you for the authentication type, username, and password. For PAM, select Basic Authentication in the Authentication Type drop-down menu.