Setting up Web UI Administrators and Administrator-User Groups

The security.admin.user_groups and security.admin.users options set the administrative users when authentication is enabled.

Users listed in security.admin.users and the users belonging to the groups listed in security.admin.user_groups get administrative privileges. By default, these options are set to the username and groups of the user who started the Drill process. You can modify these options from the Drill Web UI or using the ALTER SYSTEM command.

An administrative user that authenticates to a Drillbit through MapR-SASL, Kerberos, Plain mechanism or through the HTTPS web interface can modify the security.admin.user_groups and security.admin.users options. The administrator can add or remove user names or user groups.

The security.admin.user_groups and security.admin.users options allow a single user/group name or a comma separated list of user/group names. When you view these options in the Drill Web UI, dummy default strings appear until the user explicitly changes the values.

Authenticated administrative users can view the current administrative user and administrative user groups on the Drill Web UI landing page (https://<node-ip-address>:8047) in the Encryption Info section.