Drill Drivers

MapR provides Drill ODBC and JDBC drivers that you can download. Drivers are updated periodically to include support for new functionality in Drill.

Click the following links to access MapR JDBC and ODBC driver information and downloads:
Click the following links to access the latest ODBC and JDBC driver documentation:

Driver Limitations

When using MapR-SASL with JDBC or ODBC drivers, there is no way to specify the target cluster name as part of the connection parameters. MapR-SASL reads the first entry in the /opt/mapr/conf/mapr-clusters.conf file and assumes it is the target cluster name.

For example, if the mapr-clusters.conf file has an entry for 'cluster1' followed by an entry for 'cluster2' and you want to connect to a node in 'cluster2', authentication fails. As a workaround, manually switch the order of entries in the mapr-clusters.conf file.