Drill Storage and Format Plugin Support Matrix

MapR supports Apache Drill running on the MapR distribution of Hadoop as the underlying storage platform in single or a multi-node deployments. See Component Versions for Released MEPs for versioning information.

MapR supports Apache Drill deployed without Hadoop in a standalone configuration on a single node, however MapR does not support multi-node standalone cluster deployments of Apache Drill. Note that Apache Drill itself does not require Hadoop.

MapR does not support Drill running on other distributions of Hadoop as the underlying storage platform, such as Cloudera and Hortonworks.

The following table lists the supported and unsupported data sources and formats in Drill on MapR:

Data Source Storage Plugin Type Formats Supported by MapR
MapR Filesystem dfs Text (CSV, TSV, PSV) Yes
Parquet Yes
Avro No
MapR Database dfs Binary Yes
HBase hbase Binary No (as of Drill 1.11 and MapR 6.0)
Hive hive Text (CSV, TSV, PSV) Yes
Parquet Yes
Avro Yes
Other Hive built-in SerDes Yes (Not recommended due to the memory overhead and performance implications.)
S3 s3 Supports the same formats as the dfs storage plugin. Yes
MongoDB mongodb N/A No
RDBMS jdbc N/A No
Kudu kudu N/A No
Kafka kafka JSON No
Note: The kafka storage plugin on MapR Streams is in the Alpha testing phase and not officially supported. See Configuring the Kafka Storage Plugin for more information.
Note: The openTSDB storage plugin is not officially supported. See OpenTSDB Storage Plugin for more information.
Note: As of MapR 6.0 and Drill 1.11, HBase is no longer supported, therefore the communication path between Drill and HBase is also not supported. If you have an hbase storage plugin configured in Drill, you should disable it.