Mapping of to drill-on-yarn.conf Options

When you run Drill as a standalone application, you set startup options, such as Drillbit memory, in the $DRILL_HOME/conf/ start up script. Under YARN, Drill still reads $DRILL_SITE/ for configuration options, however Drill-on-YARN provides the $DRILL_SITE/drill-on-yarn.conf file to configure options that were formerly set in

The following table maps the environment variables to their equivalent configuration parameters in drill-on-yarn.conf: Environment Variable drill-on-yarn.conf Configuration Parameter
DRILL_MAX_DIRECT_MEMORY * drill.yarn.drillbit.max-direct-memory
DRILL_HEAP * drill.yarn.drillbit.heap
DRILL_JAVA_OPTS drill.yarn.drillbit.vm-args (Added to those in
SERVER_GC_OPTS (to add GC logging) Drill.yarn.drillbit.log-gc (To enable GC logging)
DRILL_HOME Set automatically when files are localized (drill.yarn.drill-install. localize is true), else drill.yarn.drill-install. drill-home.
DRILL_CONF_DIR Set automatically when files are localized, else uses the normal defaults.
DRILL_LOG_DIR Set automatically to point to YARN’s log directory unless disabled by setting drill.yarn.drillbit. disable-yarn-logs to false. If disabled, uses the normal Drill defaults.
DRILL_CLASSPATH_PREFIX * Drill.yarn.drillbit. prefix-class-path
HADOOP_CLASSPATH * drill.yarn.hadoop.class-path (or, better drill.yarn.drillbit. extn-class-path.)
HBASE_CLASSPATH * Drill.yarn.hadoop. hbase-class-path (or, better drill.yarn.drillbit. extn-class-path.)
EXTN_CLASSPATH * (New in Drill 1.8.) Drill.yarn.drillbit. extn-class-path
DRILL_CLASSPATH * drill.yarn.drillbit.class-path