JDBC Connection Parameters

Use the SSL JDBC connection parameters and fully qualified host name to configure the jdbc connection string in SQLLine and connect to Drill.

The following table lists the parameters that you can include in the jdbc connection string using SQLLine:
Note: Examples are provided after the table. For additional instructions, see the Drill JDBC Driver documentation.
Parameter Value Required
enableTLS true/false [Optional] If true, TLS is enabled. If not set or set to false, TLS is not enabled.
trustStoreType string


Default: JKS

The trustStore type.

Allowed values are :



If the useSystemTrustStore option is set to true (on Windows only), the allowed values are:



Import the certificate into the "Trusted Root Certificate Authorities” and set trustStoreType=Windows-ROOT. Also import the certificate into "Trusted Root Certificate Authorities" or "Personal" and set trustStoreType=Windows-MY.

trustStorePath string

[Optional] Path to the truststore. If not provided the default Java truststore will be used. If this is not provided the trustStorePassword parameter will be ignored.

Note that the order for looking for the default trustStore




trustStorePassword string

[Optional] Password to the truststore.

disableHostVerification true/false

[Optional] If true, we will not verify that the host in the certificate is the host we are connecting to.

False by default

(Hostname verification follows the specification in RFC2818).

disableCertificateVerification true/false

[Optional] If true we will not validate the certificate against the truststore.

False by default.


TLS, TLSV1, TLSv1.1, TLSv1.2


Default: TLSv1.2 (recommended)

TLSHandshakeTimeout Time in milliseconds


Default: 10 seconds

In some cases, the TLS handshake may fail and leave the client hanging. This option sets the time for the client to timeout.



Default: JDK

Changes the underlying implementation to the chosen value.

useSystemTrustStore true/false

[Optional, Windows only]

Default: false

If provided, the client will read certificates from the Windows truststore. In this case, trustStorePath and trustStorePassword, if specified, will be ignored.

The user should set the default provider in $JRE_HOME/lib/security/java.security to SunMSCAPI.

The trustStoreType should be set to either Windows-MY or Windows-ROOT.


The following examples show you how to connect to Drill through SQLLine with the jdbc connection string when SSL is not enabled and when SSL is enabled with and without a truststore.

./sqlline -u "jdbc:drill:schema=dfs.work;drillbit=localhost:31010;enableTLS=false"
SSL/TLS Enabled - No truststore
The default JSSE truststore will be tried with default password; the provided password will be ignored. If the default truststore password has been changed, this gives an error. To use the default truststore with a different password, pass the path to the default truststore with the password.
./sqlline -u "jdbc:drill:schema=dfs.work;drillbit=localhost:31010;enableTLS=true;trustStorePassword=drill123"  
SSL/TLS enabled - With truststore
./sqlline -u "jdbc:drill:schema=dfs.work;drillbit=localhost:31010;enableTLS=true;trustStorePath=~/ssl/truststore.ks;trustStorePassword=drill123"