MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes Release 1.0

These notes describe the first release of the MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes.

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Version 1.0
Release Date March 2018
MapR Version Interoperability Compatible with MapR 5.2.2 or later.
OS Compatibility The operating system (OS) on a node where the volume plug-in is installed must be a supported OS for the MapR version. For a list of supported OS versions, see Operating System Support Matrix (MapR 6.x).
Kubernetes Compatibility Kubernetes 1.9 and later.*
MapR Software Downloads MapR installation (.yaml) files are located here:
Source on GitHub This repository contains Docker images, installation files, and examples:
Docker Hub Docker containers for the MapR installation files are located here:
Documentation MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes FlexVolume Driver Overview
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*Kubernetes alpha features are not supported.

New in This Release

This first release of the MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes introduces a set of Docker containers and their respective .yaml configuration files that can be installed onto a Kubernetes cluster. Once installed, these containers provide a Kubernetes FlexVolume Driver for MapR Filesystem and a Kubernetes Dynamic Volume Provisioner that permit static and dynamic provisioning of MapR storage from Kubernetes.



Known Issues and Limitations

Note these limitations:
  • Version 1.0 does not support the coexistence of MapR and Kubernetes software on the same nodes. If your installation requires MapR and Kubernetes software to coexist on the same nodes, see the MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes release notes to identify the latest version that supports coexistence.
  • All nodes in the Kubernetes cluster must use the same Linux OS. Configuration files are available to support these Linux distributions:
    • CentOS
    • RedHat (use CentOS configuration file)
    • SSE (use CentOS configuration file)
    • Ubuntu
  • Docker for Mac with Kubernetes is not supported as a development platform for containers used with the MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes.
  • Volume plug-in files are supported for:
    • CentOS
    • Ubuntu
    • Microsoft Azure AKS
    • Red Hat OpenShift**
    • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Amazon EKS is not supported.
  • The Basic POSIX client package is included by default when you install the MapR Data Fabric for Kubernetes. The Platinum POSIX client can be enabled by specifying a parameter in the Pod spec. Only the POSIX client is supported. NFSv3 is not supported.

**OpenShift Origin is supported because it supports Kubernetes 1.9. The OpenShift Container Platform (formerly known as OpenShift Enterprise) can be used only if it supports Kubernetes 1.9.

Resolved Issues