Drill 1.2.0 Release Notes

Version 1.2.0
Release Date November 7, 2015
Works with MapR version See Drill Support Matrix

Noteworthy New Features in MapR Distribution of Drill

This release introduces a number of enhancements, including the following ones:

  • Partition pruning improvements
  • Optimizes reads of Parquet-backed, Hive tables.
  • Improved Hive support

    Supports Hive 1.2.1 and using multiple Hive versions (same as corresponding MapR platform version).

  • Analytical/Window functions support

    Adds Lead, Lag, First_Value, Last_Value, and Ntile support and allows multiple window functions in the same query.

  • DROP TABLE Command
  • Parquet metadata caching

    Improves query performance on a large number of files.

  • Security support for the Web Console
  • Row key filter pushdown

    Improves performance when querying MapR Database and HBase.

  • Improvements in the Drill JDBC driver.
  • Read support for the Parquet INT96 data type support

    A new TIMESTAMP_IMPALA type used with the CONVERT_FROM function decodes a timestamp from Hive or Impala.

  • Improved correlated subqueries
  • Support for UNION DISTINCT syntax
  • Improved LIMIT processing

Known Issues

The MapR 1.2 release of Drill does not include fixes for the following issues that were fixed in the Apache Drill 1.2 release:

Drill JIRA Description
DRILL-1065 You cannot issue the ALTER SESSION RESET command to reset an option to its default system value.
DRILL-2361 Drill returns the following error message when column aliases for aggregate or group by fields include a dot (.):

Field references must be singular names.

DRILL-2879 Drill cannot parse JSON files with the BSON OID data type, a MongoDB extension to the JSON format. Drill may also have issues parsing JSON files with the BSON Binary data type.
DRILL-3791 Testing of the JDBC storage plugin with MySQL is incomplete.
DRILL-3869 Queries submitted through the Drill Web Console with a trailing semicolon (;) fail, and Drill returns the following error message: org.apache.drill.common.exceptions.UserRemoteException: PARSE ERROR: Encountered ";" at line 1, column 42. Was expecting one of: "OFFSET" ... "FETCH" ...
DRILL-3888 The test JAR file configurations exist in each module’s POM file instead of the root POM file.
DRILL-3916 Drill-bits cannot load the JDBC storage plugin when starting because the plugin does not exist.