HttpFS 1.0-1606 Release Notes

Below are release notes for the HttpFS component included in the MapR Converged Data Platform.

HttpFS Version 1.0
Release Date July 1, 2016
MapR Version Interoperability See Ecosystem Support Matrix
Source on GitHub

Maven Artifacts
Package Names The following packages are associated with this release:
  • mapr-httpfs-1.0.201606271250-1.noarch.rpm
  • mapr-httpfs_1.0.201606271250_all.deb

New in this Release

This release of Apache HttpFS includes the following behavior change that is specific to MapR:
  • The GET_BLOCK_LOCATIONS operation is now supported.


This release by MapR includes the following fixes on the base Apache release. For complete details, refer to the commit log for this project in GitHub.

Commit Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Comment
1a00513 2015-06-03 MAPR-23393: Backported HDFS-6874 so that HttpFS now supports the GET_BLOCK_LOCATIONS operation.
f33edb7 2016-05-19 MAPR-23400: The start and restart of the HttpFS service now behaves as expected on a Kerberos cluster.