Hive 0.13.0-1504 Release Notes

The notes below relate specifically to the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop. You may also be interested in the Apache Hive 0.13.0 changelog or the Apache Hive homepage.

Version Hive 0.13.0-1504
Release Date May 20, 2015
MapR Version Compatibility See Ecosystem Support Matrix.
Source on GitHub
GitHub Release Tag 0.13.0-mapr-1504
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Using Hive with Sentry and Impala

Hive 0.13 (1410 and later) works with Sentry 1.4 and Impala 1.4.1.

Using Hive with HBase

Hive 0.13 works with HBase 0.98.x.

New in this Release

  • MapR-SASL Support (Available for MapR cluster version 4.1 and above)

    On secure MapR clusters, MapR-SASL is supported and configured by default for HiveServer2 and Hive Metastore.

  • WebHCat Changes
    • The default WebHCat log directory is now /opt/mapr/hive/<hive-version>/logs/<username>/webhcat. Previously, it was /tmp/<username>/webhcat.
    • WebHCat is now managed by Warden. The warden.hcat.conf file is installed with the mapr-hive package.


This release by MapR includes the following fixes on the base Apache release. For complete details, refer to the commit log for this project in GitHub.

Commit Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Comment
f562db3 2015-01-19 MAPR-16762: WebHCat no longer fails to start on a cluster that runs YARN services.
b246af9 2015-01-27 MAPR-16786: By default, MapR sets hive.optimize.insert.dest.volume=true.
c226a21 2015-01-22 MAPR-16854: WebHCat no longer returns a NoSuchMethodsError on startup.
1f583b0 2015-01-22 MAPR-15559: Hive Metastore now has support for MapR-SASL authentication when the cluster is secure.
6c37e83 2015-01-26 MAPR-16899: HiveServer2 now has support for MapR-SASL authentication when the cluster is secure.
d617f6e 2015-01-28 MAPR-16952: By default, MapR sets hive.server2.thrift.sasl.qop=auth-conf.
0a8e267 2015-02-03 MAPR-16962: On Ubuntu systems, the service status for hiveserver2 and hivemetastore is now displayed correctly in the MCS.
c06f014 2015-02-06 MAPR-16960: The hive shell no longer displays warning messages related to duplicate slf*.jar files.
514f307 2015-02-06 MAPR-17120: WebHCat log files are now written to the following folder: /opt/mapr/hive/hive-<version>/logs/<user>/webhcat
499d865 2015-02-06 MAPR-17127: The following warning messages no longer appear in the hive shell:
WARNING: org.apache.hadoop.metrics.jvm.EventCounter is deprecated. Please use
                org.apache.hadoop.log.metrics.EventCounter in all the files.
f8370ba 2015-02-11 MAPR-17135: HiveServer2 and Hive Metastore are automatically configured to use MapR-SASL when the cluster is secure.
608c855 2015-02-13 MAPR-17272: By default, hive.metastore.sasl.enabled is set to true for WebHCat when the cluster is secure.
d1d2300 2015-02-17 MAPR-17276: Hive Metastore no longer fails to start on Ubuntu.
5635c82 2015-02-26 MAPR-17458: A TABLESAMPLE query no longer fails.
b6941af 2015-03-04 MAPR-17526: Warden is now able to start HiveServer2 and Metastore when they use MapR-SASL authentication.
f7b9409 2015-03-10 MAPR-17600: Hive no longer fails with a NullPointerException when trying to access Amazon S3 storage.
dee7431 2015-03-13 MAPR-17712: Hive now returns a filtered database list when Sentry is enabled.
f5bf538 2015-03-19 MAPR-17783: Hive mapjoin queries no longer fail with a
9383589 2015-04-10 MAPR-16186 (HIVE-8297): Hive no longer returns wrong results for TIMESTAMP columns in RCFile format.
8f52355 2015-05-01 MAPR-17726 (HIVE-5672): An insert overwrite to HDFS no longer fails.
3cbeb8c 2015-05-01 MAPR-14214: WebHCat Server is now managed by Warden.