Hive 0.13.0-1508 Release Notes

The notes below relate specifically to the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop. You may also be interested in the Apache Hive 0.13.0 changelog or the Apache Hive homepage.

Version 0.13.0
Release Date Sept 22, 2015
MapR Version Compatibility See Ecosystem Support Matrix.
Source on GitHub
GitHub Release Tag 0.13.0-mapr-1508
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New in this Release

This MapR release of Hive 0.13 includes the following behavior changes:

  • HiveServer2 Authentication Changes (Available for MapR cluster version 4.1 and above)

    On secure MapR clusters, MapR-SASL is not longer the default for HiveServer2. Instead, HiveServer2 uses PAM by default.

  • WebHCat Changes

    The warden.hcat.conf file is no longer installed with mapr-hive package. Instead, it is installed with the mapr-hivewebhcat package.


Commit Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Comment
4130e1e 2015-05-18 MAPR-18725: Errors are no longer logged in Warden logs when Warden starts webhcat.
28046ce 2015-06-17 MAPR-19155: On secure MapR clusters, HiveServer2 uses PAM by default.
fef6a67 2015-06-23 MAPR-19208: The default log level for org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde2.avro.AvroDeserializer class is now debug instead of warn.


2015-06-25 MAPR-19029: HiveServer2 now honors the MapReduce Mode configured in warden.hs2.conf.
1fe17a2 2015-07-30 MAPR-18222: Hive includes PARQUET-107 fix.
20ad928 2015-08-03 MAPR-19778: WebHCat service no longer displays a MalformedURLException in /opt/mapr/logs/adminuiapp.log.
65a7e10 2015-09-2-15 MAPR-20281/ HIVE-9199: DummyTxnManager can now determine the lockMode required for a DDL based on the output writetype.
979f420 2015-09-03 MAPR-20254/HIVE-10841: Join queries no longer produce incorrect data due to the failure to push down Hive predicate.
39ec9bd 2015-09-08 MAPR-20423: HiveQL queries with LPAD function no longer fail with the ClassCastException.
462acf4 2015-09-10 MAPR-20523 and MAPR-20329: Queries that use any type of join between avro tables no longer fail or give incorrect results.